Italian Machinery Association uses individual approach to each client offering equipment, spare parts, tooling and additional products. We are looking into manufacturing processes of our customers and parts they produce. Using this, our managers then can offer the most suitable solutions, considering the manufacturing capabilities, power and preferences. Our target is to establish long-term partnerships, so, after the first purchase was made, our client can be sure that we can choose the most suitable spare parts and tooling for his business, as well as equipment for additional processes and enhancement of manufacturing.
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Equipment and additional goods purchased from Italian Machinery Association are completely manufactured in Italy. Due to our established cooperation with transportation companies established after long cooperation with them, we will quickly and securely deliver your machinery from Italy to anywhere in the Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries with conditions that our clients may prefer.


Before the installation and launch we inform the client about how the installation place for the machine should be prepared and what foundation is required. We can also give recommendations about integrating the machine and its operations in the manufacturing process. Upon arrival of the purchased equipment, our technical specialist will be present to monitor the unloading and installation. Then the machine is launched and set up for the reliable and stable functioning.


We train client’s employees (technical engineers, department heads, machine operators, etc) to work on the purchased equipment, using original training materials from the manufacturer. Italian Machinery Association representative, trained by the equipment manufacturer, will show how to work on the machine and demonstrate its capabilities in practice. In case if you have also purchased CAD/CAM software, we will also train the client’s employees to use it and recommend how to integrate the machinery in the company’s infrastructure, integrating its data into various ERP systems.

Guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance

During all the guarantee period of Italian Machinery Association equipment, you may directly address us with issues related to equipment setup, malfunction, repairs of equipment and purchasing of spare parts. After the guarantee period finishes, we are offering to sign a post-guarantee equipment maintenance contract. Contract conditions are discussed individually with every client. If you are already using any Italian equipment from our suppliers, you may address us to receive a consultation about supply of spare parts, performing repairs and maintenance, or any other related issues.

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