Euromac sheet metal fabrication machines: productivity and high standard levels

Euromac is a well known worldwide supplier of machines for sheet metal working, such as CNC punching, bending and notching machines. Euromac machinery is built utilizing the most recent technologies and constantly refined by its design engineers to meet the most demanding market requirements for flexibility.

Euromac is a proud to be Italian company, with global presence in the sheet metal industry. Euromac, established in 1986, designs, develops, produces and sells conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools. The vast experience of its design engineers combined with the knowledge of customers renders Euromac both innovative and dynamic. Euromac creates modern technological products which are at the same time easy to use.


The constant research and technological innovation has allowed Euromac to create a range of CNC punching machines that are performing, highly productive and have the lowest running costs. Numerous and versatile configurations that will satisfy all of production needs are offered: from the small to large industry optimizing whatever the requirements may be.

Euromac evolves the concept of the punching machine with a new generation of genuine sheet metal working centres that offer an unbeatable versatility and a vast range of machining processes compared to laser machines. Every station can be tooled for forming, bending, beading and threading. Euromac punching machines can get the job done in cases where laser units may have problems with performing and complying to quality demands.

All the punching machine models (except the BX) are equipped with Euromac automatic loading/unloading system. Loading and unloading capacity enable an easy loading of material for machining and unloading of finished parts generates much higher productivity.


The high productivity of Euromac hydraulic notching machines is demonstrated daily by more than 12.000 users all over the world. Euromac notcher owners manufacture thousands of different products using fixed-angle notchers, variable angle notchers, and Multi-notchers with double working stations. Euromac notchers offer many exclusive features, including the internationally-patented automatic blade gap adjustment system, a rigid monoblock construction, and extended cutting lengths for specific jobs. These and other high-quality features make Euromac notchers fast, productive, long lasting machines with a superior return on investment.

Euromac Multi is much more than a notcher; it’s a full featured fabrication center. Multi’s are ideal for creating prototypes and short runs, with notching, punching, bending, radiusing and rectangular cutting combined in one machine. Plus, the back station can also be used ad a multi-purpose press, for even more flexibility. There’s an ideal Euromac notcher for practically any task a manufacturer needs to accomplish.


For a manufacturer that uses a conventional press brake to bend small parts, thick material or bus bars should have a look at a Digibend - powerful and versatile horizontal bending machine as his next investment. Euromac provides the maximum bending flexibility, offering a variety of standard tools for a Digibend. Changing from one tool setup to another is fast and easy.


All the FX Bend series equipment (bending machines and complete robotized cells) offer the set-up production programs for bending the most common parts. With it, the operator teaching stage is skipped or minimized, permitting to save time by using the machine's control panel.

The FX Bend cell comes up as unique element with robot integrated in the structure. Euromac provides a complete solution, designing and developing every single element of the structure, from the machine and the robot integration, to the software that runs the production. The offline programming software works in perfect cohesion with the FX bend cell, becoming a complementary optional item allowing to quickly anticipate the movements, the processing efficiency and eventually acting to optimize it.


The company is accomplishing its objectives by utilizing the most recent technologies as well as constantly refining and adding to machine designs. Euromac machines are tailored to meet demanding customers' requirements; the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unique concepts assure advanced,productive and competitive products at all times.

IMA Information:

  • If the time has come to upgrade or enhance your production capabilities, you can always get a brand new punch press or a press brake from Euromac, a reliable Italian manufacturer. Our catalog's range of Euromac equipment can satisfy needs of any manufacturing, from a small job shop to an automated multi-tasking plant.
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