TruTool N 350

Compact and handy sheet nibbler in the mid power range. The machine can be turned on the spot. Perfect for interior cutouts and notches.

Easy operation

The TruTool N 350 is a compact and handy machine for sheet thicknesses of up to 0.14 inches in mild steel and 0.1 inches in high-tensile steel. You can rotate the machine on the spot as it features a hollow round punch. This makes it ideal for interior cutouts and notches. The perfect grip ergonomics ensure easy operation.

Powerful motor

Powerful 1400 watt motor with electronic overload protection and starting current limitation.

Change without tools

You can change dies and punches quickly without additional tools.

Perfect machine guidance

The ergonomic handle and optimal grip circumference mean that you work comfortably and efficiently.

Variable speed

You can use the speed controller to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task.

Maximum sheet thicknesses  
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/mm² 3.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/mm² 2.3 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 800 N/mm² 1.8 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/mm² 3.5 mm
Smallest radius 7 mm
Working speed (max.) 1.4 m/min
Starting hole diameter 30 mm
Nominal power consumption 1700 W
Length 381 mm
Height 227 mm
Weight 3.7 kg

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