TruTool TF 350 LiHD 18V rechargeable battery

The cordless power fastener allows even greater freedom. You can join coated or uncoated workpieces permanently and in one operation.

Cordless connecting – fast, economical, and independent

Joining of ventilation ducts is often performed on site at the construction site. With the battery machine, you are not reliant on the power supply and can work conveniently and cordlessly. The TruTool TF 350 LiHD rechargeable battery enables you to join coated or uncoated workpieces with material thicknesses of 0.8 mm to 4 mm. The resulting permanent connections can be performed in a single operation and require no additional connecting elements thereby ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness. The 4.0 Ah / 18V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes.

Cordless Alliance System Cross-manufacturer rechargeable battery system for leading power tool brands. 100% compatibility in the 18-volt class.

Brushless motor

Almost unlimited service life, virtually wear-free and hardly any maintenance required. Battery performance per charge is also increased.

Straight to the point

The connection point is secure and resilient and the joining points are resistant to corrosion.

No fasteners

No screws or rivets are used. This saves money and simplifies handling.

Maximum sheet thicknesses  
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/mm² 3.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/mm² 2.5 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminium up to 250 N/mm² 4 mm
Minimum sheet thickness 0.8 mm
Maximum joining force 25 kN
Maximum stroke rate 2 1/s
Minimum edge spacing 8 mm - 58 mm
Maximum flange height (B) 36 mm
Voltage 18 V
Weight (incl. rechargeable battery) 8 kg
Length 454 mm
Height 358 mm

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