EMC Mercury M1100

For small- and medium-scale manufacturing. Meant for grinding, edge rounding, deburring, deslagging, calamine removal, and finishing processing of metal parts. From 1 to 3 working units with different configurations.

Main parameters

  • Number of working units – 1-3 pc.
  • Working width – 1100 mm.
  • Working thickness – 0,5-150 mm.
  • Work table height – 800-950 mm (adjustable).
  • Total work table load – 250 kg.
  • Electronic controls via Touch Screen Display 7".
  • Internal independent motors. 
  • Internal vacuum device.
  • Feed belt inverter.
  • Electronic motorized roller pressure adjustment “Grit-set”.
  • Brushes for panel/feed belt cleaning and double external brush unit.
  • Table rollers and table extensions.

Types of processing

  • Dry processing.
  • Grinding.
  • Deslagging.
  • Deburring.
  • Edge rounding.
  • Calamine removal.
  • Surface finishing.

Working unit - Roller Group (R)
Abrasive belt length 2200 mm
Roller diameter Ø180 mm
Motor power 7.5 - 15 kW
Inverter for variable belt speed from 3 to 21 m/s
Working unit - Discs Group Internal (h, H, Q)
The parameters are selected on the basis of production objectives.
Working unit - Brush Group (B)
The parameters are selected on the basis of production objectives.
Touch Screen Display 7"
Connection USB, RS232, Ethernet 10/100/1000
Memory capacity up to 300 working programs
Automatic motor start sequence
Command, programming and display of all electronic functions
Report display and alarm reset (self-diagnostic) with memory records
Vacuum device inside the machine
The vacuum device is placed below, inside the machine frame, to ensure optimal vacuuming and decrease noise.

Electronic motorized roller pressure adjustment "Grit Set"

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