Delta Elle Range LC400

Delta LC400 has a stout structure of cast iron of the best quality, provided with a column holding arm in order to give the maximum stiffness to the machine; the spindle motor has a power of 3kW (4HP).

The rotating table is controlled by asynchronous three-phase bipolar motors with 6/12 poles; thanks to these motors the table can rotate at a speed of 20 and 40 rpm in model LC400, and at a speed of 15 and 30 rpm in model LC500. In case of particular workings in which different rotation speeds of the circular table are required, the grinding machine can be equipped with an electronic speed variator, which allows stepless variations from 3 to 30 rpm; a digital display shows the set speed immediately.

The toothed belt and reducer transmission ensures the regularity of the rotary motion, without slipping and vibrations; thus very precise working and excellent finishing, also with high removals, are obtained.

Special adjustable taper roller bearings allow to work very heavy pieces and to reset easily the geometric trim of the machine. All the models with rotating table are provided with an electropermanent magnetic chuck, complete with a control unit of the magnetic flux intensity; the available diameters are 300 and 400 mm in mod. LC400, and 500 mm in mod. LC500.

Distance between column axis and wheel axis mm 315
Max. distance between table-level and wheel mm -
Max distance between magnetic chuck (standard) and wheel mm 205
Max. grindable surface mm ø400
Rapid feed per turn of andwheel mm 2
Micrometric feeds by means of the small round graduated handle mm 0.01
Size of the cup-wheel mm 200x80x78
Dimensions of the abrasive segments mm 50x20x90
rpm of the wheel   2840
Oscillation table   -
rpm of the rotating table (with L 13)   20-40 (2÷30)
Motor power of the wheel KW (HP) 3 (4)
Motor power of rotating table KW (HP) 0,33-0,48 (0,45-0,65)
Electropump motor power KW (HP) 0,06 (0,08)
Mass of the machine kg 680
Overall dimensions of the machine (max) mm AxBxH 1050x950x1750

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